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Additional Interests:


- Making music: I love playing guitar, bass, and experimenting on keyboards.


- Snowboarding and surfing: Broken bones, torn ligaments and screws haven't stopped me.

- Hiking and camping: I find it really nice to change it up, get off the grid, and absorb some nature. 

Kevin Eaton


Born in Southern California, I've bounced around between Los Angeles and San Diego county. In 2011, I received my BFA in Drawing and Painting in addition to a BS in Business at California State University Long Beach. After graduating, I worked as a graphic designer serving musicians and entertainment clients such as RockStar Energy, Monster, DreamWorks, Kat Von D and many more. Soon after learning the ropes in graphic design and apparel, I co-founded a merchandise company called Aufeis, providing custom design services to professional NHL hockey clubs, direct to consumer ecommerce, and a number of nationwide wholesale accounts. In my current professional role, as creative director at Rock World Merchandise, I've managed a small team of production artists, in-house designers, and external contract designers to facilitate a wide range of creative services ranging from graphic design, illustrations, marketing material, and elaborate custom merchandise. 

I am always in pursuit to get better at my craft, and about five years ago I began to explore deeper and deeper into 3D creative works. I took a number of 3D design courses at local colleges and in 2020 completed a certificate in animation and gaming. Merging my background in drawing, painting, and graphic design with my more recently acquired knowledge of 3D programs such as Maya, 3ds Max, and Unity I've become exponentially inspired. I've been filled with new comprehension of the evolving frontier, and a determination to join the professional artists working on the fringes of what will become a new relationship with technology for all of humanity. It has never been a more exciting time to work in 3D animation and the brave new virtual world we are building. 

My days are filled working within visual arts and that is a great joy for me that I am very grateful for. I enjoy the challenges, the variety, and the pursuit required of quality creative work. The process of creation and satisfaction of helping others with my talents outweigh the inherent struggles of the art. I am grateful for all of the individuals and organizations that put their trust in me to execute their creative projects. 


Artist / Creative Director

Huntington Beach, CA


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