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Danny Wimmer Presents

Creative Direction, Design, Merchandise Development, E-commerce

2021 was a milestone point in my time at Rock World Merchandise as we ambitiously secured an investment and partnership with DWP, the largest independent music festival producer in America. DWP produces and promotes music festivals all over America with headlining acts like Nine Inch Nails, Blake Shelton, Metallica, and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. Amidst a global pandemic and rapidly changing government policies, music festivals were navigating rough seas full of obstacles and unknowns. Working closely with the creative and marketing teams at DWP, it was all hands on deck as we partnered only months before the first of seven ambitiously targeted festivals. Given the magnitude of the events, the numerous variables due to COVID, and the newly formed partnership, it was imperative that our team worked proactively with extreme speed, flexibility, and accuracy. 

In my role as Creative Director at Rock World Merchandise, one special project I took on in the early days of the new partnership was a comprehensive strategic merchandise development plan. The goal was to provide a clearly understood mapping of the full life-cycle of large scale foreign and domestic creative merchandise development projects. After weeks of planning, researching, and consulting peers, I completed documentation of the program and presented to the stakeholders and management for review and approval. Once approved, the development plan was then rolled out to smaller teams and is now fully implemented as a strategic tool to guide successful outcomes for these very large merchandise and marketing projects.


The Rock World Merchandise creative team continues to support with original design work, creative input, e-commerce and marketing support, mobile on-site screen printing, and all production and sourcing of festival merchandise. In the time spanning the initial partnership to present, we have continued to break merchandise sales records for the life of the company, proving the value of Rock World Merchandise as a strategic creative partner to DWP. 


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